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Wait! Do THIS Before You Build Your New Home!!

When you decided you were going to buy a home this year, did you start with google? Zillow? Did you find a certain neighborhood you like? Did you call your loan officer, or your real estate agent? When you then decided you were going to BUILD a home this year, did you go straight to the builder site? Did you walk in to their model home? Did you still contact your real estate agent and lender?


Before you begin the new build process….contact your real estate agent! It’s been a surprise this year realizing how many people go directly to a builder representative when buying a new home. Having a real estate professional represent you before entering into the build process is so important.

Old Mindset: “Location, location, location!” New Mindset: “Representation, representation, representation!

When you enter into this contract with your builder, do you know what exactly you are negotiating? Do you think that the builders representative is keeping your best interest in mind, or the builders? Who is this representatives fiduciary responsibility to? These are very important things to think about. After all, the primary job of a builders rep is to get the highest price and largest profit margin for each property. Your real estate agents primary job is to get you the MOST value for your money with the least amount of stress and frustration.

Why Should I Do this one Thing?

When you consult a realtor to represent you on a home that is a New-build, you are getting professional representation on your behalf. You are using their knowledge, experience and negotiation skills to make sure that your contracts are correct and staying on track. You’re ensuring that you are taking advantage of all incentives offered on your home build (Sometimes new home buyers don’t even know to ask for these specific incentives). Your real estate agent is going to set proper expectations from the beginning on communication with the builders and will also step in on your behalf when something doesn’t keep with the timeline or initial expectations. Lastly, your agent is going to push for a third party home inspection where a builders rep would not have an incentive to do so. The severity of new build defects can sometimes be just as bad as an existing home so you want to discover those before the sale is final.

Wont I get a Better Deal if I Use the Builder Representative?

No. No you will not get a better deal if you do not use your own real estate agent. Buyers Agents’ Commission is built into the sales price of the home. If you do not use a real estate agent, they will not lower the price down by the cost of the commission because that would hurt the value for the other comparable homes in the area. Notice that the commission is built into the builders cost. Which brings me to one of the most important points when hiring a real estate agent to represent you on a new build…..they are FREE to you!!

Free As a Bird

A Real Estate Agent representing a client making a purchase is known as the BUYERS AGENT. The Buyer’s Agent Commission is paid by the SELLER! In this case, the seller would be the home builder. Our realtor commission is not paid until the closing and funding of the home, and when it is paid…ZERO of that comes out of your pocket as the buyer.

So REMEMBER to do THIS Before you Build Your New Home

By calling a Licensed Professional Real Estate Agent BEFORE buying a new build, you can: protect your interests, take advantage of secret builder incentives, leave negotiations and scheduling to your agent, have someone in your corner when expectations are not met as promised, make sure your new home has been properly cleared and inspected by a third party, and lastly Not pay a dime out of your own pocket for your agents services!! What are you waiting for? DO THE ONE THING BEFORE YOU BUILD!!