The Smart Realty GIVE BACK program began at the beginning of 2016 and went full steam ahead.  The Smart Team volunteers each month at a local non profit, charity, community event, or really in any way that they can go out and do something good together.  As entrepreneurs, especially in real estate, it can be difficult to get to spend much time together with your colleagues.  Doing these events lets us spend time together in a way warms our hearts,  opens our eyes to many things going on in our state and communities, and ultimately touches someones life in a positive way. 

If you would love to volunteer with us, or if you would like a great suggestion for a place to give your time with your company, see below.  These are all programs and events that we have taken part in.  To volunteer with Smart Realty, contact Kristin Taylor at or 817.713.4245

Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Salvation Army Mabee center

Cancer Care Services

Apollo Support and Rescue for Abandoned Dogs.



Night of Hope

Community Garden

The Clubhouse for Special Needs

Dress for Success

The CEC – Community Enrichment Center

Kidswing – St. Jude’s

CWC Men of Distinction Benefitting….

Veterans Building Day with Texas reconstruction?

Grapevine Main Street Days

Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas